Helping Your Case

What can I do to help the attorney with my case?
You can do two very important things. First, provide Attorney Anthony Arzili with some background information about yourself, i.e. your job, your family, if you have any kids, etc. Basically, Attorney Anthony Arzili believes in setting his clients apart in the eyes of the Judges and Prosecutors by allowing them to see you in a positive light and not simply as another defendant in court. Attorney Anthony Arzili takes this information and shares it with the people that will make decisions about your case.

Secondly, you should write down what you remember about your case. Normally, memories fade over time and when you share your facts with your attorney, you may leave out small but important details. For this reason, it’s important to write down all the details of the incident and allow your attorney to decipher what’s important.

Do we need any investigators or experts?
The Law Offices of Anthony A. Arzili is a full-service law firm. Attorney Anthony Arzili employs a team of defense experts and investigators to put forth the best defense possible.

If you’d like to know more about our investigators and experts, please see our INVESTIGATION section.

What are some things I should not do?
It’s usually a good idea not to discuss the details of the case with many people. Although it is common for people to want to share their story with others, especially something as traumatic as a criminal case, this can come back to haunt you. From the time a case starts and when it may resolve months later in trial, people’s allegiances change and some things you may have said to a friend then may be used against you.

It’s also not a good idea to attempt to contact the complaining party and try to either persuade them to “drop the charges” or to see things your way. Quite simply, this can land you in jail. If that witness calls the police, they can charge you with dissuading a witness which may land you in jail AND be used against you in the original case against you.

One way to create a lot of headache and confusion for yourself is to attempt to “Research” your case on the internet. While the internet holds the answers for many questions, when it comes to giving you insight on your criminal law situation, it almost always causes more confusion than its worth. The law is too complicated and fact specific to be explained on a website. Most of the clients that have done this have come to me confused and with lots of misconceptions that have caused them more harm than good.

What are some things I should do?
Take Pictures. If you were injured in the case against you, take plenty of pictures to document your injuries and provide them to me. Pictures can make a big difference in cases.
Get witness names and addresses. Sometimes, a lot of time passes between the incident and when the case actually goes to trial. Its important to get these names so that our investigator can then contact them.

Act and Dress appropriately in court. How you dress and act in court goes along way in having people perceive you in a good or bad way. I ask my clients to dress as if they are going to church or an interview. No need for suits and ties, but no t-shirts, shorts or hats.