Attorney Anthony Arzili provides full-service representation on DUI cases including Court appearances and all DMV matters.



I just got a DUI, what’s the first thing I should do?
Consult an experienced criminal defense attorney. California Law states that if you do not contest the DMV’s suspension of your license within 10 days of your arrest, you lose any chance at saving your license.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can handle all of this for you. A DMV hearing must be requested right away. The hearing itself will not take place for approximately a month, but if a hearing is not requested within 10 days, your right to a hearing is gone.

Attorney Anthony Arzili provides full-service representation on DUI cases including Court appearances and all DMV matters. Attorney Anthony Arzili has handled hundreds of DUI cases successfully throughout LA county courts.

I am worried about going to court, I can’t miss any more work?
Well, you’ve come to the right place. You may never have to appear in court if you retain the offices of Attorney Anthony Arzili. With some exceptions, Attorney Anthony Arzili can use Penal Code Section 977 to appear on your behalf and resolve your matter without you stepping foot in court. DUI cases customarily take 3-4 different hearings that can tie you up in court all day. Attorney Anthony Arzili can save you from all this hassle. This would allow you to not miss any more work and move on with your life.
I didn’t call the DMV within 10 days, is all hope lost?
Not true. If you did not contact the DMV within 10 days, Attorney Anthony Arzili can still help you obtain a restricted license which will allow you to drive to and from work. Contact us immediately for assistance.
I know that I drove drunk, why pay an attorney?
Good question. Some of the happiest clients I’ve had are the ones that thought they had no shot at saving their license or staying out of jail.

Most people don’t realize that DUI law is one of the most complex areas of criminal law. To the average citizen, it may appear that you have no hope.

But each DMV hearing and DUI case needs to satisfy ALL of the technical requirements of California Criminal Law. The average citizen has no idea what these technical requirements are and by not hiring an experienced attorney throws away any shot they have of a getting a good result.

What if I just can’t afford to hire an attorney?
You can’t afford not to. A DUI arrest can affect every aspect of your life, from your ability to work to your freedom. Hiring the wrong attorney or not hiring an attorney can cause you to lose your license, your job and your freedom.

The Law Offices of Attorney Anthony Arzili realizes that this is a financially difficult time. We make payment plans available to most of our clients.

What are some defenses I may have to my DUI?
DUI cases are very complex and involve many intricate laws that the police must have complied with. An experienced criminal defense attorney like Anthony Arzili can analyze your case with a fine tooth comb and find what issues your case may have. Here are some defenses:

  • Lack of Probable Cause to stop-Police had no reason or a weak reason to stop your vehicle
  • Unlawful Arrest-Police did not have probable cause to arrest you.
  • Unreliable chemical test-Attorney Anthony Arzili requests all records for the machine you use to verify its calibration and accuracy.
  • Lack of Driving evidence-Police’s evidence of your driving is weak
    or lacking.
  • 15 minute observation period- Police did not observe you
    Continuously prior to your chemical test.
  • Rising Blood Alcohol defense- your B.A.C was not over .08
    at time of arrest but peaked over during arrest and investigation.
What are some things that can make my DUI more serious?
Enhancements are factors that can make a somewhat routine DUI into a more serious DUI. Enhancements can cause the D.A. to request jail time, longer alcohol classes, and more community labor.

  • Was there an accident?
  • Was there dangerous driving? i.e. speeding, reckless driving.
  • Did you have high Blood Alcohol Content?
  • Did you refuse to take a chemical test?
  • Did you have underage passengers?
  • Have you ever been convicted of DUI before?

Simply having one or more of the above factors can mean you are facing the loss of your freedom, your license or both. Consult an attorney that has been able to dismiss painful enhancements for his clients. For a free consultation, please contact Attorney Anthony Arzili at (562) 907-4448.

What sets Attorney Anthony Arzili apart?
Honesty, Experience, and familiarity with your court. The 3 things you need in an attorney.
Attorney Anthony Arzili says it like it is. Unlike other attorneys that “sugarcoat” facts or scare you into hiring them, Attorney Anthony Arzili treats his clients with the respect and honesty.

Attorney Anthony Arzili has handled hundreds of DUI cases successfully. He has handled serious felony DUI’s, Refusals, DUI’s with priors, First time DUI’s, etc. He’s seen every little nuance and wrinkle in the law and he brings that experience to your case.

You can not over emphasize how important it is for your attorney to “know your court.” Familiarity with the decision makers, Judges and DA’s, in your court can make all the difference in your court. Attorney Anthony Arzili limits his practice to L.A. cases only. This allows him to know the people in his courts better than most attorneys that chase cases to any county.

What if I have more questions?
Contact Attorney Anthony Arzili for a free, no obligation phone consultation. If you would like to set up an appointment with Anthony Arzili, he can sit down with you and patiently answer all your question.
Call (562) 907-4448.