Felony Charges

Los Angeles Felony Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are charged with a Felony, you not only need an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney, you need one whose practice involves handling complicated and serious felony charges.  Only a Criminal Defense Attorney that specializes in Felony Charges can provide you with the proper representation necessary to keep you out of jail and prevent you from having a felony on your record.

Felony Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony A. Arzili is a veteran in the handling of all types of felony cases.  He has handled hundreds of felony cases and know how to best attack these cases and what options are available to his clients.

What is a Felony?
A Felony is any offense that may result in imprisonment in the state prison for one year or more.  A misdemeanor is any offense that may result in imprisonment in the county jail for one year or less.   The most common felonies have a charging range of 16 months, 2 years or 3 years.   That means that if the court believes you are not suitable for probation, you can receive at least 16 months in State Prison and quite possible more depending on what charges you are facing.
What are some examples of Felony Charges?
Some common felonies are: Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Criminal Threats also known as Terrorist Threats, Felony Domestic Violence.  Burglary, Grand Theft, Robbery, Gang Related Charges, Felony D.U.I., Felony Hit and Run, Child Molestation, Sexual Assault, Rape, Statutory Rape, Sex with a Minor, Gun Possession, Attempted Murder, Murder, Manslaughter, Felony Receiving Stolen Property, Felony Sexual Battery, Felony Failure to Register pursuant to P.C. 290, Possession of Drugs for Sale, Possession of Drugs for transportation, Felony Hate Crimes, Embezzlement, Felony Resisting Arrest, and Felony Battery on a Police Officer.
What are Special Allegations?
In addition to the charges you are facing, you may face additional “special allegations” which may add or double your potential jail sentence.  Some common special allegations are:  Gun Use Allegation, Gang Allegations and Great Bodily Injury Allegations.  Sex crimes have special allegations that deal with multiple victims or substantial sexual conduct.  Drug Cases have special allegations that deal with the amount of drugs found.  The amount of drugs dictates a higher exposure to jail time.

Some special allegations that apply to almost all felonies are prior convictions and prior strikes under California’s 3 strikes law.  If you have a prior conviction, it is imperative that you hire a Qualified Criminal Defense Specialist that can attack your prior convictions early and not let your past haunt you further in your new case.

How do you fight Prior Strikes?
Felony Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony A. Arzili has been successful in filing motions to strike (throw out) prior strikes so that his clients do not face the harsh sentencing guidelines of the 3 strikes law.  The procedure for knocking out a prior strike starts with background research of our client and his old charges.  The next step is to file a Romero motion which asks the court to “strike” one or more prior strikes.

If the motion is granted, the prior strikes are tossed out.  Without a prior strike, you are now eligible for probation, drug programs and a substantially better sentence.

Can I get probation on a Felony?
Just because you are charged with a felony doesn’t mean you are headed upstate to the penitentiary.  We will make every effort to have your court grant you probation instead of State Prison.  We have been successful in hundreds of cases where clients were facing State Prison and walked away with Probation and the opportunity to expunge their records after their probation is over.  A felony conviction has the potential to not only send you to prison for many years, but to also wreck havoc on your criminal and work record for the rest of your life.   We realize that most of us simply need a second chance, and by procuring probation on your case, this not only secures your freedom but gives you the very real possibility to clear the felony off your record.

Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony A. Arzili knows what judges and prosecutors are looking for when it comes to granting someone probation as opposed to Prison.  The keys are very important.  Anthony will know the facts of your case cold.  He will know the weaknesses and strengths of your case.  The key is to let the prosecutors that have your case know that their case is not the “slam-dunk” winner that they think it is.  He will expose the issues and possible weaknesses to the prosecutors to give them the incentive to resolve your case with probation.  Prosecutors are just like everyone else, they don’t like to lose.  So when you point out some real weaknesses that you’ve spotted on their case, they are more likely to agree to a favorable plea agreement than to risk losing at trial.

The other key factor is to “humanize” our clients to the prosecutors and Judges.  Most attorneys are so much involved in the procedures in court that they forget that their clients are real people who have positive qualities and people that love them.  We make a point of asking all our of our clients to provide us with positive information about themselves so that when we are discussing your case with the prosecution or the Judge, you are not just another defendant in court or another file on their desk, but a good person who has made a mistake, someone who deserves a second chance.

Important factors in granting probation are a person’s record (or lack thereof), the circumstances of the offense, remorse, restitution and any other mitigating circumstances. In order for you to ensure your best opportunity to be granted probation on your felony charges, you need they kind of attorney that knows felonies inside and out, is willing to aggressively push for probation, and can present your situation to the Judges and Prosecutors in the best light possible.

Felony Charges are the most serious that our laws allow and their consequences are just as devastating.  You deserve the best defense when your freedom and your future are on the line.  Please call us for a free consultation regarding your felony charges at 562-907-4448 or click on the “free case evaluation” link on the home page.

What is the Early Disposition Program and how can it help me?
The Early Disposition Program is a program where persons charged with a felony can have their cases resolved early and with a favorable plea bargain.  The purpose of the program is to make the courts more efficient and give attorneys an incentive to resolve their cases without dragging them month after month in the courts.
Attorney Anthony A. Arzili has been a participant in the EDP programs that are available countywide for nearly 2 decades.  One of the busiest programs is the one out of Norwalk Criminal Courthouse.  If you have a Felony in Whittier, Downey or Bellflower Court, your case can be transferred to the Norwalk EDP program.

There are EDP programs in other courts as well.  Anthony has been able to forge good relationships with prosecutors and Judges in these programs.  Gaining the trust of the decision makers on your case makes all the difference in the eventual result in your matter.  In most cases, when we have our cases transferred to the EDP court we will receive a much better resolution than if that case would have stayed the course in the traditional court track.

The key in having a knowledgeable attorney that knows the programs (such as EDP) that allow you the best opportunity for the result you are looking for in your felony matter.

What courts do you practice felonies in?
We handle felonies in the following courts:

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