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The ABC’s of IID’s. Ignition Interlock Device Basics for DUI’s.

Ignition Interlock DeviceIID is the new kid on the block when it comes to DUI’s.

In the year 2010, California lawmakers made it clear that they felt that the IID (Ignition Interlock Device) should be part of DUI punishment and rehabilitation. In a sweeping change, they now allow persons convicted of a DUI to install a IID device and significantly reduce the length of their license suspension. While IID devices have been used for years by the courts, their new implementation on a larger scale has left many to wonder: What is an IID?

Quite simply, its a device that is installed into the ignition of your vehicle to gauge if you have alcohol in your system. If the machine picks up a reading, then it can force your car to shut down and report it to the IID headquarters.

There are a number of providers in the Los Angeles area and I will provide the following link which provides basic info and names and contact information for them.

The costs vary, but there is traditionally a 75-100 dollar fee to install and there is a per day rate of 2 or 3 dollars. Some companies charge more for other services.

If you have questions regarding your DUI and its consequences on your license, feel free to email me or call us at 562 907-4448.

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Client with 2nd time DUI arrest wins DMV hearing and keeps his license.


When a client is facing a 2nd DUI, the consequences are very serious.  Clients face the very real possibility of losing their license for at least a year.   To make matters worse, you are not entitled to a restricted license during this period.  So basically, either you win your DUI DMV hearing or you cannot drive for an entire year.   The consequences are brutal.  For most people this means financial disaster.


Your choice is to either give up your license or to get an experienced DUI Attorney and fight for your license.   The DMV’s hearing process for a DUI is geared towards suspending your license.  Your only shot is to have an experienced Attorney that specializes in handling DUI cases attack the DMV’s evidence.


I’ve handled nearly 500 DUI hearings at the DMV.  This means I’ve seen all kinds of cases and all possible legal issues and defenses.  Most clients who are facing a 2nd Time DUI basically think they have no shot and it’s just a waste of time and money to fight their suspension.   The fact of the matter is that DUI hearings are extremely technical and police need to follow specific guidelines in their DUI investigation.  A thorough analysis of the police reports will give me the opportunity to find any legal issues or possible defenses that may be argued at your hearing to save your license.


My client had a DUI conviction 8 years ago and was now involved in a serious car accident on the freeway.  The police had arrested him for a 2nd time DUI charge and alleged that he caused the accident and had refused the chemical tests.   He was facing a 2 year flat suspension of his license.


At the DUI hearing, I presented the testimony of my client.  Then, I attacked the police’s handling of the investigation.  After the hearing, the hearing officer ruled that our argument was valid and found that my client’s license should not be suspended.

Interestingly enough, my client thought he had no shot at saving his license when I first met him in my office.  I was glad we were able to get him working again and supporting his family.