Case Result #1

Attempted Murder of of Police officer dismissed at Trial.

Client was charged with the Attempted Murder of an Off-Duty Police officer in Los Angeles. He was facing a life prison. The case was made more difficult because our client gave a full statement to the detectives on the case, essentially placing himself at the scene of the crime. An independent eye witness also placed my client at the scene. We went to work, first delving into the police officer’s version of what took place. The deeper we went, the more we realized that the officer’s recollection was not reliable. The prosecution did not bend and the case went to a Jury Trial. During the Jury trial, the prosecutions case began to unravel. My cross examination of the star witness (the off duty police officer) broke the case wide open. The prosecutor asked to meet and returned with an offer where my client would do 2 years and be released. Faced with a possible life sentence if the jury convicted him, my client took the 2 year offer and the attempted murder was dismissed and he pled to an assault charge. (State v. SM) 2014 Norwalk.